Renewal- that is what the beginning of a New Year is about for many of us. We begin to reflect on the habits, experiences and lifestyle changes we want to make. We make lists of our goals, write down our visions for the coming year, and prepare to do things differently.

Often the changes we plan never come to fruition. Why? We tend to attempt to make these changes with the same energy, subconscious beliefs and values we had before we make them. There is a saying that the solution to any challenge cannot be addressed with the same energy that was used to create it. What does this mean?

Moving from point A to point B requires not just desire, planning and forethought but an actual shift in our perceptions, our beliefs and our thoughts. Therefore changing our thinking and how we look at things can be the difference between success and failure.

Wayne Dyer says “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” This becomes the number one obstacle that prevents us from reaching our goals and dreams. We continue to attempt to achieve them with the same mindset we used that got us the difficulties in the first place. It’s not just the habits and patterns we need to change but our actual mindset. This requires some deeper introspection. This allows us to connect with our higher self.

Renewal requires connecting to our spiritual needs, not just our physical and mental ones. In doing so we are able to find balance. Body, mind and spirit harmonize to engage in life from an empowered and healthy place. Balance brings about harmony.

The New Year gives us permission to reexamine where we are, where we’ve been and where we plan on going. Desire for change is the catalyst to make real life changes. It’s important for us to remember these changes can’t be superficial. In other words, they cant just be one dimensional but must become multi-dimensional shifts made from a deep place within our core. Staying connected to spirit makes this viable. We are multi-dimensional beings of light so doesn’t it stand to reason we renew ourselves only when we address new changes from a deeper place within ourselves.

Shifting our vibration, the place we resonate from, elevates our frequency. Raising our vibrational frequency gives us permission to see solutions where we didn’t see them before. It gives us insight into a new perspective and allows the intuitive mind to participate in finding answers. This is what we mean by solving a challenge from a different mindset from the one that created the original challenge.

As a lifelong student and yoga teacher, I have experienced first hand the power of a personal practice to shift energy, uplift ones thoughts and balance body, mind and spirit.

Try this experiment. List the new years goals and visions you have. Write down how you plan to achieve them.
So practically, what can we do to actually make these changes, raise our vibrational frequency and shift ourselves out of the old patterns and into a new mindset? The following is an effective meditation that can be applied for fast results. Try it and see.

Meditation for self-renewal:

Practice once a day for forty days. Why forty days you may ask. It takes forty days to make or break a habit.You will see results. Once practiced, you can once again revisit your goals and visions list and note how you plan to achieve them from this new place deep within that is a result of your meditative practice. This is proof positive that real change has occurred. Now we notice a shift not only in our consciousness, but in our ability to address our goals and dreams while experiencing a renewed sense of self.

Laurrana Leigon D.Div. C.Cht.