Essential to life management…meditation for the soul. There is a saying “Meditate for 30 minutes each day, and if you don’t have time, then meditate for an hour”. Our being needs quiet, peaceful time each day to rejuvenate, restore and handle the everyday stresses. All falls into place when one takes time to tune into the oneness of all of creation.
There is no replacement for the stillness of connecting to our inner world. In connecting to the inner we find an infinite well of energy that heals us body, mind, and soul. Results include balanced emotional body, clearer mental body, and healed physical body. As we become one with our spirit self the affects are noticeable on all levels of our functioning.
Guided Healing Meditation-sit or lay down in a quiet peaceful place and allow this meditation to take you deep within. If you can quiet yourself a few minutes each day, you will quickly notice results in the form of improved quality of life, less fear and worry and ability to enjoy your life…
Love yourself. Meditate.