We have entered a time of uncertainty that seems to leave so many feeling powerless. Yet our true power lies within. We may not have control over much of what happens around us. We do though have control over our response. How do we create the type of response we desire? How do we respond consciously?

In my work with clients I am often asked by them how to move into a placed of conscious response. Clients will come to work on a particular issue in their life that they feel needs improvement. In applying my abilities I am able to provide insight, perspective, shift in consciousness and energetic release providing a space for those I work with to open up to a new avenue of healing while resolving these issues. Yet that is just the beginning.

Now the client must embark on a new commitment to their higher self to continue to excavate the inner landscape so as to capture their own healing power. This can only happen when someone is willing to raise their own vibration. Raising your vibration put simply is the willingness to solve your problems from a consciousness that is different from the consciousness the problem originated in the first place. When attempting to solve any issue from the same mindset you have when the problem occurs, can only ensure that the problem will persist. Perhaps in a different form; but it will persist. The mindset has not shifted, so the way of solving it has not changed.

New paradigms, inventions, discoveries all come to us as a result of raising the vibration; changing the old mindset into a new one. If we are to create a new life with new solutions,
we must be willing to raise our own vibration. It sounds good but most of us don’t really know how to do it.

There are applied techniques and tools that can be used to raise ones vibration. I tell my clients the number one requirement is discipline in a spiritual practice. Yoga and meditation are two practices that can quickly and efficiently shift ones vibration to a higher place. Another clear way to raise ones vibration is through ceremony. Ritual and ceremony immediately place us in an altered state of consciousness, shifting our vibration to a higher frequency.

If you are interested in raising your vibration, making your aura stronger, giving yourself new ways to address old challenges, and moving into a better quality of life, there are numerous avenues to do so. Consistent practice allows the consciousness to become familiar with a new way of being and spiritual practices like Kundalini Yoga and Meditation can get you there.

I teach my clients specific techniques for raising their vibration, expanding the aura, and coming to terms with lifes challenges from a new mindset that may require a new way of thinking. Most noticeable is the overall shift in consciousness that comes from developing a personal practice. Any practitioner with integrity will make it their goal to provide the client with their own self empowerment tools rather than encouraging any dependency on them.

We are each like pebbles in the river of life. We send a ripple of energy that effects the entire river. Is our pebble strong or weak? That depends on our vibration.

Laurrana Leigon D.Div. C.Cht.